Tamarisk Band Progressive Rock CD 
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To celebrate the 30 year anniversary  of  the release of  TAMARISK'S two 1980 cassette release's,
The eponymously titled TAMARISK and LOST PROPERTIES.

These two very rare recordings are now available as a physical digipack CD from this site.
Or as a digital download from the sties listed below.
Please don't download from any other sites as these are not autthoriseed by TAMARISK.
The band are so please that there is still interest in their music so long after the band split.
The reaction to the music after so many years has be fantastic so far and the band would like
to pass on their thanks to all of you who have taken the time to vist this site and, hopefully buy
Here are some of the things people are saying about FROZEN IN TIME

"Top Notch, Five stars, what a find!!"  Manfred de Romp  - I Tunes

"Thanks for the speedy delivery, Im on my 3rd listen!! Love It!!'  Neil Basscase Kelly  - I Tunes

Listening to this reissue makes me remember why I held so much excitement for the genre back in 1983. Brings back a rush of memories for me.  Tom - NWOBPR forum

"Got to say I absolutely love it, reminds me of why I got into music and why I still do CREDO .  Mark  Colton - Credo

"Amazing stuff, far better than I ever remembered it to be, I can't recommend this CD enough"  St john - Facebook 

"This takes best reissue of 2013" Mike Koeniger - Facbook


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